The Best Alarm Clocks You Buy Today

There are a lot of shoppers looking for the best alarm clocks these days. While it’s easy to use the alarm on your smartphone to wake up in the morning, you will have to put up with all kinds of other alerts which can easily interfere with your sleep.

That is why more and more people prefer to have an alarm clock on the bedside table. There are all sorts of great models out there so making a choice could be difficult. Here you will find reviews of the best-selling models in the market at present. Use them to make the right choice.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best alarm clocks. In addition to accuracy, you must ensure that the device won’t fail you because of a power cut or a drained battery. A snooze feature is always useful to have, especially if it is programmable.

The more automated functions the alarm clock has, the better. It will be convenient for it to switch automatically to Daylight Saving Time and back, for example.

Top Alarm Clocks of 2017

 NameDimensionColorPower Source 

Sonic Alert SBB500SS
7 x 7 x 6 inchesBlackBattery Check On Amazon

RCA Digital5 x 4 x 6 inchesBlackBattery Check On Amazon

Electrohome EAAC6019 x 6 x 9 inchesBlackAC & Battery Check On Amazon

Sharp SPC8005 x 2.5 x 6.9 inchesSilverBattery Check On Amazon

Witwatia23.2 x 16.2 x 0.8 inchesCreamy WhiteBattery Check On Amazon

Philips HF35207.9 x 10.6 x 10.3 inchesWhiteBattery Check On Amazon

Sonic Alert6 x 2 x 3.5 inchesWhite/GreyBattery Check On Amazon

Mini Digital Alarm4.1 x 4.1 x 3.7 inchesWhiteBattery Check On Amazon

Wooden Digital4 x 3 x 3 inchesWoodenBattery/USB Check On Amazon

Clocky Alarm Clock5.2 x 3.5 x 3.5 inchesBlackBattery Check On Amazon

1. Sonic Alert SBB500SSSonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Dual Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker

Best For Heavy Sleepers!

If only an explosion can wake you up in the morning, then this model could be one of the best alarm clocks for you. The large LCD display with red backlight shows that this device means business. The turbo charged alarm clock has a dual alarm producing a loud sound – 113 dB, to be precise. This is sufficient for rattling the windows so you have the best chances of waking up.

Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb comes with a bed shaker too. Install it following the instructions in the manual and your bed will shake to help you wake up and go out on time. The pulsating alert lights are also helpful when it comes to forcing your eyes to open. The snooze defuser is another invaluable feature for those who find it particularly challenging to get out of bed in the morning.

You can easily tweak this alarm clock in line with your specific needs. You can adjust both the volume and the tone of the alarm. You can shut off the sound if you worry that you may wake up your roommate who is a light sleeper and use only the bed shaker and the lights.

The Good...
  • Exceptionally loud
  • Large LCD display
  • Bed shaking and light signals
  • Programmable features

2. RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4″ Display

RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Large 1.4" Display

The first thing which you notice about this model is how slip and elegant it is. It will easily fit onto a bedside table even if it is somewhat cluttered. The 1.4-inch LED display is practically as big as the clock itself so it’s easy to see what time it is even from across the room. The display is quite bright, but you can reduce the brightness to your liking using the high/low setting.

The snooze function is very convenient to use. This is because the snooze button takes almost the entire top section of the alarm clock. Pushing it is always easy. In general, this RCA digital alarm clock is simple to setup and to adjust. You will surely enjoy hassle-free operation. One of its main advantages is that it has battery backup. Just remember that you have to supply the 9V battery yourself.

The Good...
  • Large LED display
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Big snooze button
  • Battery backup

3. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

This device is a lot more than a digital alarm clock as it’s packed with a diverse array of features. You will be happy to discover that it sets the time and date automatically and this includes switching to and from Daylight Saving Time. Another cool thing is that it shows the temperature along with the time. There is a built-in AM/FM radon and you can also connect your Android smartphone, MP3 player, iPhone or iPad to it for playing your favorite music.

The large 3.6-inch LCD display in blue is quite calming. You can adjust its brightness and even turn the backlight off, if you wish for maximum convenience. One of the coolest capabilities of this one of the best alarm clocks is that it projects the data on the display onto the ceiling. This means that you will never have to change your comfortable position to check the time.

Electrohome EAAC601 has a dual alarm option which makes it a great choice for couples. You get to preprogram the alarms and to choose the best way to wake up – with a classic buzzer, with the radio or with time projection. There is a weekend cancellation option for greater convenience. If the alarm clock is ever left without power, the backup battery will start working and will restore your alarm settings automatically.

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The Good...
  • Large display
  • Ceiling projection
  • Programmable alarms
  • High automation
  • Built-in radio

4. Sharp SPC800Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Sharp SPC800 Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Best Analog Alarm Clock!

If the best alarm clocks for you are the classic ones, then this model will surely not disappoint. Because of the quartz technology, it is accurate and reliable at the same time. It runs on a battery so you will never have to worry about power outages messing up with the alarm and your wakeup time as a whole.

The metal body is beautiful and keeps the components inside excellently protected. Sharp SPC800 features a classic twin bell alarm which is loud enough to wake you up every morning. It’s quite cheerful too. There is a backlight button which you can use at your own discretion. It’s good to know that both the hands and the dial are luminous so it will be easy for you to see what time it is even in the dark.

The Good...
  • Beautiful classic design
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to set up and to use

5. Witwatia Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock

Witwatia Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock

Best For Stubborn Sleepers!

If you find it incredibly difficult to get out of bed in the morning, this device has a clever solution for you. You place it on the floor right next to the side of the bed and the only way to stop the alarm in the morning is to stand on it for at least 3 seconds. In this situation, you have no choice, but to wake up.

The Witwatia alarm clock actually doubles as a comfortable rag thanks to its soft memory foam pad and flannelette cover. You can easily check what time it is just by standing on the rag or touching it lightly with your toes. The LED display is quite bright and can even serve as a nightlight because of this. Another cool thing is that you can customize your alarm with tunes from any device just by connecting it to the alarm clock with a USB cable. The device operates on batteries so it won’t fail you.

The Good...
  • Unique way to wake up
  • Doubles as a comfy floor rag
  • Alarm customization
  • Bright display
  • Dependable operation

6. Philips HF3520Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation

Philips HF3520 Wake-Up Light With Colored Sunrise Simulation

If the best alarm clocks for you are the ones which offer a gentle natural way to wake up, then this Philips creation may be ideal for you. It produces colored sunrise stimulation which can start 20 to 40 minutes before your preferred wakeup time. You can choose from 20 brightness settings for maximum comfort. You can also choose between five sounds inspired by nature to help you wake up in a truly refreshing way. You can also play your favorite music or show on the built-in FM radio. It’s interesting to note that you can use the sunrise stimulation in reverse to doze off pleasantly in the evening. The light will get dimmer with time to help you fall asleep more easily.

There are some additional advantages to the Philips HF3520 wake-up light. It has gorgeous innovative design. It doesn’t require time, skill or effort to set up. It’s cool to touch so it’s completely safe to use. The snooze button is quite useful.

The Good...
  • Natural and gentle way to wake up
  • Helps you fall asleep too
  • Easy setup
  • Reliable performance

7. Sonic Alert Loud Dual Alarm Clock SB200ss with Vibrating Shaker

Sonic Alert Loud Dual Alarm Clock SB200ss with Vibrating Shaker

This compact device holds more power than you think and it can literally shake you to make sure that you will wake up and get out of bed quickly. The alarm is extra loud at 113 decibels. It is more than sufficient to wake you up even if you are a heavy sleeper. If that isn’t enough, there is the 12-volt bed shaker which is even ruder, so to speak.

As a modern digital alarm clock, Sonic Alert SB200ss has some very nice additional features. The alarm is dual so your partner can use the gadget effectively too. Both the tone and the volume are adjustable to give you maximum flexibility. You can choose between 12-hour and 24-hour display depending on your preferences.

There is a five-level dimmer function for the display to ensure that it won’t interfere with your sleep during the night. You can readily use the test function to confirm that the alarm is set up exactly as you want it. This one of the best alarm clocks comes with battery backup which is an awesome feature to have.

The Good...
  • Very loud
  • Bed shaker for more effective performance
  • Programmable settings
  • Battery backup

8. Mini Digital Alarm Clock Triangle Pyramid

Mini Digital Alarm Clock Triangle Pyramid

The edgy design and the small size of this model are sufficient to attract your attention, but it offers a lot more. The triangular LED display has backlight with 7 different colors which change automatically. Even though it isn’t big, the readings are. You will see not only the time, but also the date and the week. The temperature of the room is displayed too.

There is great flexibility with this mini digital alarm clock in the form of a pyramid. You can choose between 12-hour and 24-hour formats for the time and between Celsius and Fahrenheit for the temperature. There are 8 alarm tones to choose from so it should be easy to find one which matches your preferences. The device works with 3 AAA batteries so you won’t have to worry about power cuts.

The Good...
  • Compact and light
  • Edgy design
  • Flexible settings
  • Dependable operation

9. Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

Wooden Digital Alarm Clock

If you want something quirky, this could be one of the best alarm clocks for you. The wooden cube is attractive and elegant. It has three alarm settings for maximum flexibility. It shows the time, either in 12-hour or 24-hour mode, the date and the room temperature.

You can use either power supply with USB 5V or AAA batteries, depending on your needs and preferences. There is a special power-saving mode which you can switch on with the push of a button. When you make a louder sound next to the clock by clapping with your hands, for example, it will “wake up” to show you the details that you are looking for. While the LED display is bright, you can adjust it to be dimmer. The brightness is automatically reduced in the evening.

The Good...
  • Cool design
  • Energy saving
  • Displays not only the time
  • Simple to use

10. Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

Clocky Alarm Clock on Wheels

If you think that the best alarm clocks are unconventional, you should definitely check out this cute and rather unusual creation. Thanks to its wheels, this alarm clock runs around the room every morning making the same sounds as R2D2 after having jumped off your bedside table. In fact, it can jump up to 3 feet high. There probably isn’t a more interesting way to wake up than chasing the alarm clock.

You can easily program Clocky to match your wakeup pattern by setting it to snooze once before running away. The snooze time is customizable and can be as long as 9 minutes. If you decide to give the alarm clock a break, you can disable the wheels.

The Good...
  • The most unusual way to wake up
  • Unique design
  • Customizable snooze function
  • Lots of fun

Tips for Waking Up Fresh

With the stressful modern lifestyle is often challenging and even impossible to wake up fresh in the morning. In addition to having one of the best alarm clocks on your bedside table, you will benefit from using some essential advice to help you get a head start every morning:

  • Set up a sleeping routine – Make it a point to go to bed and wake up at one and the same time every morning to avoid confusing your internal clock.
  • Get the right bed and bedding – Your mattress and pillow much offer excellent support for the most comfortable sleep. Get breathable sheets for extra comfort.
  • Keep light and noise away – Install darkening shades or curtains in the bedroom and keep your phone in the drawer after switching it to silent mode.
  • Avoid reading and watching TV while lying in bed before going to sleep.
  • Don’t procrastinate getting out of bed in the morning. Protection Status