10 Best Chamoy Candy of 2022: Our Favourite Picks

There are a lot of chamoy candies out there today. Most candies you see today are some sort of chamoy candy. From traditional chamoy candies to chamoy popsicles to chamoy cupcakes and chamoy flavored foods. But how do you know which chamoy candy is really the best? And which chamoy candy is worth your money? We’ve done all the research and tested all the chamoy candies out there to find the best chamoy candy.

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Cheilitas Chamoy Mexican Rim Candy Dip Paste


Alamo Candy Company Variety Candy Pack


Baby Lucas Chamoy: 10 Count


Suprema Chamoy Rim Dip Tamarind Paste Mexican Candy


Zumba Pica Forritos Chamoy Flavor Soft Caramel Paste for Apples Mexican Candy


Vero Takis Fuego Lollipop Chamoy Flavored




Chamoy chilito sirilo stevia, Without Sugar, 100% Natural


Pulparindo Chamoy Tamarind Pulp Candy 20 count


Spicy Chamoy Candy Fruit Gushersz

10 Best Chamoy Candy: Editor Recommended

1. Cheilitas Chamoy Mexican Rim Candy Dip Paste

Highlighted Features

  • WHAT IS CHAMOY? Chamoy is a traditional Mexican condiment that tastes great on almost anything. It’s typically made of dehydrated fruit, chili powder, salt, sugar, and citrus juice to give it the perfect combination of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy… with just a little bit of tartness.
  • SANDIA CHAMOY: Fresh Summer Watermelon is a welcome flavor year-round. Add a little taste of summer to your beverages & snacks with our 8 oz Sandia chamoy. Great for drinks, snacks, candy, & more. Spice level: Mild
  • HANDCRAFTED TRADITION YOU CAN TASTE: Our family-run business based in Los Angeles, California prepares our handcrafted chamoys in small batches from family recipes daily to ensure the highest quality and flavors. Our Chamoy is just the right texture to use as a rim dip on your favorite beverage.
  • HOW TO USE CHAMOY: The possibilities for using Cheilitas Chamoy are endless. It has the perfect consistency to serve as a beverage rim dip, on canned beverages, bottles, as a snack sauce, over fruit, on nuts, candies, or use as you would any other condiment- this versatile sauce can be used in any dish or drink imaginable!
  • OUR COMMITMENT: Cheilitas Chamoy is dedicated to excellence; whether it is our commitment to customer service, using only the freshest top-quality ingredients, or making the best tasting chamoy available, we strive to make you happy!

2. Alamo Candy Company Variety Candy Pack – Gummy Bears In Chamoy

Highlighted Features

  • Alamo Candy Company Variety 5-Pack Of Mexican Candy Made In San Antonio Texas
  • You Get One Bag Of Each: Cherry Bombs Sweet and Sour Chewy Balls With Chili Poweder (2.5 oz), Extreme Sour Picositas Belts Chewy Candy With Chili Powder (1.5 oz), Tiritas Picositas Chili Powder Covered Chewy Sour Strawberry Straws (1.5 oz), Mango Fruta Chilosito Dried Mango Candy (1.5 oz), and Gummy and Bloody Bears With Chili and Chamoy (2.7 oz)
  • All Candy Is Fresh And Comes In Small Retail Bags – Made In San Antonio, TX – Go Texan product
  • If you enjoy Mexican candy and the sweet and sour with a kick taste, then our variety pack will fill your craving. Enjoy yourself or give as a gift.

3. Baby Lucas Chamoy: 10 Count

Baby Lucas Chamoy: 10 CountThese powdery candies are made with the savory flavor of pickled fruit and the spice of Mexican chiles. It’s sweet and sour! This purchase contains 1 box of 10 candy dispensers.FLAVOR: Spicy

4. Suprema Chamoy Rim Dip Tamarind Paste Mexican Candy

Highlighted Features

  • OUR STORY: Growing up in SO CAL, we had the opportunity to grow up and taste some of Mexico’s best snacks. We seek to achieve one purpose. To bring together and serve the best of what Mexico has to offer. We hope you love this unique flavorful experience. Enjoy the ride!
  • UNIQUE SAVORY DIP MIX: The dip is made with a unique blend of chili peppers, mango, and chamoy. This goes perfect alongside some fresh watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, oranges, and even apples. This is your new go-to addition to pair along with your favorite fruits, drinks, and gummy candies.
  • THE PERFECT AMOUNT OF SPICE: Try the best tasting spicy candy chamoy salsa that will bring the right amount of heat & citrus. The dip goes great along with your favorite mexican treats! This is also a must for dulces enchilados! Now you can blend our spicy sauce with your favorite gummies and make some delicious spicy chili candy. Whether you love sour gummy candy, tamarind candy, watermelon candy, or mango candy, this will make a perfect combination!
  • PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GATHERINGS: ! These are awesome to pair with your favorite drinks!! Make a perfect cocktail and rim your cantaritos de barro mexicanos for an authentic experience. These are great to share with friends and family.
  • OUR COMMITMENT: We value every individual and are committed to bring the best customer experience possible every single time. We thank you, and appreciate our customers!

5. Zumba Pica Forritos Chamoy Flavor Soft Caramel Paste for Apples Mexican Candy

Highlighted Features

  • Zumba Pica Forritos Chamoy: Our Forritos chamoy paste come individually wrapped for extra and extended freshness making them perfect for all your covering needs. Cover 5 regular size apples with a thick cover or up to 10 medium or smaller size apples with thinner cover.
  • Delicious Tamarind Apple Wraps: Our chamoy forritos have a perfect blend between sweet, salty, spicy, and tangy. You will love the freshness, softness and delicious flavor of this tamarind mexican candy.
  • Easy to Spread and Cover: Use Forritos to make hot and sour apple lollipops, strawberries, gummies or chocolates without any struggle. Simply mold and spread uniformly across with this candy apple kit.
  • Great for Parties, Appetizers and Dessert Tables: Present one-of-a-kind creations with this chamoy candy that will make your parties and dessert tables look fancy, gorgeous and delectable.
  • Con Forritos Chamoy para Manzanas de Zumba Pica disfruta tus botanas y snacks de manera unica y especial en tu proxima fiesta o reunion. Con este dulce de chamoy le daras sabor a tu creaciones. Su presentacion de empaque individual le dara una larga vida y frescura a este delicioso tamarindo.

6. Vero Takis Fuego Lollipop Chamoy Flavored

Highlighted Features

  • Add the heat: choose Your own level of Fire – This hot and spicy lollipop comes with a chili-fuelled powder so you can dip and lick to find your own perfect level of taste, tingle & heat.
  • Classic takis shape: love takes rolled tortilla chips? It’s time to try the lollipop alternative! Spice up your day with intense candy heat – are you takis enough?
  • 6 bag party pack: share the heat! This box of sizzling chili-powered sensations contains 6 bags, each with 3 Spicy lollipops. Are your friends ready for Vero takes lollipop fire?
  • Be the fiesta starter: bringing classic Mexican candy to the US, Vero takes sweet and spicy chili treats are the perfect pinata filler and fiesta starter!
  • Sizzling lollipop sensation: we’ve combined a unique chamoy flavored lollipop with hot and spicy chili Powder for candy that delivers an intense kick of flavor.


Highlighted Features

  • hard sugar candy with chili powder center
  • chamoy flavor
  • individually wrapped 60 pieces

8. Chamoy chilito sirilo stevia, Without Sugar, 100% Natural

Highlighted Features

  • Mexican Candy Keto friendly, create delicious drinks and give amazing flavor to your favorite snacks without the bad sugar.
  • Chamoy Chilito sirilo is 100% natural because it is made with natural stevia with low carbs and low calories.
  • Chamoy sause unlike the traditional Chamoy brands Chilito sirilo will give you the best taste with the best ingredients
  • Chamoy with Select blend of chili peppers sweetened with Stevia, Splenda or Brown Sugar
  • Chilito sirilo is a delicious chamoy sauce to prepare your snacks in a healthier way, giving it a spicy, acidic, but at the same time sweet flavor.

9. Pulparindo Chamoy Tamarind Pulp Candy 20 count

Highlighted Features

  • Pulparindo is a hot and salted tamarind pulp
  • Choy Flavor
  • Covered with powder sugar

10. Spicy Chamoy Candy Fruit Gushersz

Highlighted Features

  • Make your own Deliciously juicy Fruit Gushers covered in chamoy sauce and a lot of the special chilli powder mix, so you decide how sour, spicy level you want!!!
  • Perfect mix of tangy, sweet and spicy!!
  • Once you try one you will not be able to stop!
  • Each bag is 4 oz. in addition to spice powder and liquid!!

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